Megazoic Book Review from @kleffnotes

Millions of years ago the world was ruled by dinosaurs, but their rule was far more complex than fossils have ever shown us. Before mankind, dinosaurs lived in a society that was futuristic and fantastical. In the Megazoic series Matthew Donald introduces a world were dinosaurs are not only self-aware, but also have military weapon capabilities. In his first book in the series, Megazoic, he thrusts readers into his inventive world where dinosaurs rule with tremendous power.

In the first book our focus is on the Laurasian Empire, which rules during the late Cretaceous, and has been at war with the Tyranneon Kingdom for fifteen years. Kortan, a citizen of the Laurasian kingdom, chooses to study the mysterious technology of their rivals to find out what gives them their power. While he is doing this the Tyranneons launch an attack on the city and his best friend, Belar, is taken captive. With the help of the Psi Squad, possibly the worst ranked squad in the Laurasia Corps, Kortan ventures into enemy territory to try and save his friend.

This young adult series draws from the knowledge of dinosaurs and history that Donald has developed over the years. His passion for writing began at a very young age and this shows in his desire to craft such a complex and interesting universe. While the first book in the series, as well as the subsequent books, may appear a bit hefty the writing is easy to follow and shouldn’t intimidate younger readers. His characters are full of heart and dedication, with a level of humanity you might not expect from a cold blooded being. I also appreciate that Donald takes into consideration mobility and motion issues that might arise for his dinosaurs, which include restrictions on just how much they can grasp of move things. This was a fun read and great introduction to the world of the Megazoic series. You can get your copy today.

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