Dry Run Book Review from @kleffnotes

Dry Run is the first in the series of the same name that focuses on a futuristic world in which climate change has altered the world as we know it. Joe is a smart and resourceful nineteen year old who has found a way to survive at the cost of his innocence. In this dystopian world, he lives in the Texas Territory where no one lives long enough to truly ever be considered an adult. When someone new enters his life his ideas are challenged and he will find himself caring for someone other than himself.

To survive Joe has been the star runner at Flights of Fantasy, a sex tourism hotspot in a world where you have to do anything you can to make it through. He has longed to be free of Texas and to leave everyone he has ever met behind. That is until a young blue-eyed, blond-haired teenager named Devin appears in the city. Never having realized how much he would be sought after, Devin was merely trying to avoid starvation and never thought he would come to trust someone like Joe. The two begin building a relationship that will have Joe questioning his priorities and struggling to keep the illusion of the world he has had firmly in place. When a tragedy takes place Joe and Devin will have to decide the men they will be with a young life in the balance.

Lolly Walter does a strong job of establishing a world that has found itself changed by the effects of climate change. Her characters are trying to survive and their determination is matched by their desire to live a better life. Joe finds himself caring for Devin, even though his life has been focused on just survival for so long. Their relationship begins in a dark place, with Joe being asked to train Devin, but as they find themselves spending more time together you they begin to fall for each other. Walter also crafts some very steamy scenes between the two male leads. As a first book this is a great introduction to her world and perfectly sets up the rest of the trilogy. You can get your copy of Dry Run on Amazon today.

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