Vincent Kartheiser Gave a Chilling Performance as a Sexual Predator in Law and Order: SVU Fall Finale via @stacyamiller85 @nbcsvu #SVU #VincentKartheiser

Vincent Kartheiser is known to television audiences as Mad Men’s Pete Campbell. He previously played Connor, the half demon son of vampire Angel on the cult television series Angel.

More recently, Kartheiser completed a 13 episode stint on the FOX legal drama Proven Innocent playing investigator Bodie Quick, who worked for a law firm specializing in cases involving those wrongfully convicted. Unfortunately, Proven Innocent was cancelled after just one season.

It’s ironic that in his latest guest starring role, Vincent Kartheiser portrayed a character who found himself on the other side of the law.

In the Fall Finale of the long-running drama Law & Order: SVU episode titled “Can’t Be Held Accountable,” Kartheiser was Steve Getz, a billionaire sexual predator preying on young teenage girls. Getz sets his eye on Ivy Bucci.  She is the fifteen year old daughter of retired police detective Frank Bucci, who viewers were previously introduced to in Season 20 Episode 33.

Ivy is lured into Getz’s world when she is approached by his some time girlfriend/”talent scout”/”procurement agent after the teen help find the woman’s runaway dog. Ivy is given a business card and told she has the look to be a model and would be perfect for “Gimme That Body Fitness”. Of course, the naive teenager takes the bait and is lead down a scary and dangerous path of sex and drugs.

After sleeping with Ivy, Steve Getz doesn’t stop there. Learning she has a younger sister, Getz asks Ivy to bring twelve year old Milly to a party at his mansion. But Milly alerts the girls dad to what’s been going on. Detective Bucci enlists Detective Amanda Rollins to help get his daughters out of Getz’s clutches and bring the sleaze to justice.

But Steve Getz has deep pockets and even deeper connections and manages to beat the charges with a slap on the wrist basically.

Vincent Kartheiser’s portrayal of Getz sent chills up my spine. The look on his face and delivery of the line “How old are you sweetheart?” when he met twelve year old showed Getz as a man with no concept (or remorse) that he was hurting children. He believed himself to be above the law; his money and power could buy him out of anything. Which as the episode progressed, that assumption proved correct.

Photos Courtesy of NBC

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