Flanked Book Review from @kleffnotes

Flanked is the second book in Lolly Walter’s Dry Run trilogy which again focuses on Joe and Devin. After having escaped his former boss, in a particularly violent way, the lovers have a plan to make their way to Minneapolis, the crown jewel of domed cities in New America. While this might not seem like a difficult journey in our world, this journey will involve hiking over a thousand miles from barren Austin to this new life. Joe had been planning his escape for years, with the hopes of finding the father that left him behind, but now he is focused on keeping Devin safe and Devin just wants Joe.

The carefully crafted plan that Joe once had quickly falls apart as he and Devin, along with a group of runaway teenagers, also trying to escape Flights of Fantasy, when he realizes this is more of an unforgiving journey than he expected. Things continuously go from bad to worse as they battle hunger, thirst, pain, and prejudice. Every stranger they meet is dangerous and Joe is doing everything he can to protect Devin and keep the teenagers they’ve rescued alive. He has no time to be questioned in his decision making, but even though he is trying to be a force of certainty he can’t stop mistakes from happening, which will force him to examine himself as the journey continues.

Joe’s desire to care and help others shines through in this book as he risks his and Devin’s safety by taking in those who need his help. After leaving his former boss has chosen to punish those who stayed behind and while just leaving them would be easier, he can’t let himself do that. Devin clings to Joe throughout this journey and while he might be younger, he cares so much for Joe that he tries to do everything he can to help with their journey. The two love each other with a power that speaks throughout the narrative and makes the ending tremendously emotional. This story takes the series and grows it in a way that will have you desperate to read the final book in the trilogy. You can get your copy of Flanked today.

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