Becoming Whole: A Memoir Book Review from @kleffnotes

Mindy Tsai was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and moved to New York City when she was fourteen. Becoming Whole is her debut book and focuses on her journey in connection to her eventual diagnosis of schizophrenia. Her book shows strength of character and a desire to share with others what she came to understand about herself beginning in 2004.

When Mindy began to hear someone in her head, a voice she would come to call Joe, and mysterious clues that seemed to appear only to her, she didn’t know exactly what she was experiencing. For the next decade she would try to merge two worlds into one, meaning that her secret voice-filled world would have to come into balance with her every day life. Becoming Whole documents her years learning about and learning to live with her diagnosis. What she showcases is that not everyone who is diagnosed with schizophrenia has to stop living independently and hopes to speak for those who find themselves caught between two worlds.

Tsai opens herself up fully to her reader by sharing every element of her life leading up to and moving into her experiences with the voice known as Joe. She is a truly open book throughout this work and by doing these she is able to remove the mystery that often seems to shroud mental health. As she worked to understand herself she gained a powerful understanding of what it was that was happening to her and by doing so she also creates a narrative that can connect with a number of readers. If you or someone you know struggles with mental health issues this is a book that you should read. You can get your copy of Becoming Whole: A Memoir today.

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