Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game Graphic Novel Review from @kleffnotes

One of the most influential figures in gaming today, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is both star and one of the writers of the upcoming comic Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game. As someone with over 22 million subscribers on YouTube and 14.9 million followers of Instagram he is able to connect with audiences around the world doing what he loves, decimating the competition. In this new story involving a fictional version of Ninja viewers will be treated to a mysterious story involving a battle royale that has the fate of the world relying on it.

When Ninja receives a strange package with a mysterious game controller like contraption inside he finds himself suddenly transported to a new world. He has been teleported into a battle royale universe where he must fight to stay alive, win the game, and in the end save the world. This story blends the real world of Ninja’s gaming with the fantastical idea of other worlds and mysterious quests. Justin Jordan, notable comics writer, has worked with Ninja to bring this comic version of him to life.

Beyond the story, the colors and art in this book truly bring the events to life before your eyes. Felipe Magana has offered Ninja fans a way to experience his wits and skills by joining him in a fantastical journey outside of the online world. In this eye catching work you will feel as though you are in the world of video games in a way that allows you to step into the action in a way that pushes your imagination. You will be caught up as Ninja fights for his survival and the world and whether or not you are a fan of Ninja already this story will make you want to seek out more of him. You can get your copy of Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game today.

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