Kidnapped on Safari Book Review from @kleffnotes

The third book in the Mbuno and Pero series creates an international story of intrigue with a ripped from the headlines story set in Northern Kenya. Kidnapped on Safari has our two leads filming on Lake Rudolf, Mbuno is an expert safari guide and Pero is a wildlife television producer for those unfamiliar with the series. They are shocked when they learn the equally skilled guide, Mbuno’s son, has been kidnapped. The thrills ramp up from that moment on in this book by Peter Riva.

The two begin gathering clues and resources in order to track the trail of the kidnappers, which leads them to an illegal logging camp. These people are involved in cutting down the national park forests and are manned by sinister Boko Haram mercenaries. What they find, beyond Mbuno’s son, are missing girls who are being held captive. They must avoid danger both inside and outside of the camp to get everyone out of this situation alive. The terrorist group running this operation have even more dangerous plans in mind, a coup, which may lead to the destabilization of the entire region.

Riva has taken his own experience traveling throughout Europe and Africa and has crafted a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. For those who like thrilling reads that will transport you to another place, this is the sort of book that you definitely need to check out. What unfolds is a story that will keep you guessing and rooting for our leads as they do their best to fight back against terrible forces. You can get your copy of Kidnapped on Safari today.

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