Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety Book Review from @kleffnotes

Society has changed and as we grow technologically this changes how children grow up. Dr. John Duffy works to share how to raise teens in a world where they will be exposed to things earlier in life than in previous generations. The idea behind this is that new methods are needed in order to ensure developing youths are given the support they need, especially when they may not be prepared for the barrage of information available to them online.

I want to begin by saying I do not have kids. Now this may seem like a disclaimer as to why this review may not be ideal for this book, but I was curious about how someone would examine the very different social environment that teens are growing up in. I very rarely used the internet before the age of 16, unless it was for school or maybe if I wanted to look up on specific thing. I didn’t really use Facebook when it was a rising trend with my friends, now I don’t use it at all, and I didn’t start using any other form of social media until I was about to graduate from college. The world for teenagers and even younger children is so much different from what I grew up in and as someone who is curious by nature I wanted to know more about how people are working to parent in a time when the internet can show their children everything.

Duffy is a nationally recognized expert on parenting and in this book he delves into the heightened stressors that exist in the lives of young people in this day and age. His work examines the experience of being overwhelmed at a younger age by a flood of information that a parent will need to take into account as they work to connect and raise their child. While thirteen was previously the point at which teen focused childrearing tactics were used Duffy argues that you will need to adjust this idea and create a new plan. While I may not have children I do see the benefits of this work and for those who are raising teens or about to raise teens this could relieve some of the stress you feel in connection to that process. You can get your copy of Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety today.

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