The Other Gloria Book Review from @kleffnotes

Gloria finds herself behind the wheel of a car one night in January of 2019 covered in blood and beaten with no idea of how she got there. After that she loses consciousness and wakes up next to someone she thought was her fiance, but is instead her dangerous ex-husband, who she thought she had left two years prior. She has been thrown back into 2003 and is trapped with her tormentor. This work of fiction is a thriller, but does not actually include time travel. Gloria has dissociative disorder, which has altered her memories. L.A. Villafane draws from her own experiences with this disorder to transport readers into a dark and dangerous world.

The journey we experience alongside Gloria is tied into abuse that she previously endured. Her dissociative disorder has taken her memories of her two daughters and they reside is someone she believes is the “other” Gloria. This version of herself was given a do-over and if she can escape her ex and find this part of her identity she will uncover long hidden memories and secrets. Gloria’s struggle is unique in this work as it draws from Villafane’s real-life survival story, which will resonate with many people who have found themselves in emotionally and psychologically damaging relationships.

Moving between sections labeled as Before and After, Villafane shows us different elements of Gloria’s life and personality. As readers we see what happened in the past and what is happening in her dissociated state. You will find yourself questioning and moving between these elements with trepidation as Gloria finds herself struggling to understand what has happened to her. This is a thrilling read that will keep you on the edge of your seat and wondering if Gloria will succeed in her mission to find out what has happened to her and rediscover memories she has lost. You can get your copy of The Other Gloria today.

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