A Woman Makes a Plan Book Review from @kleffnotes

Maye Musk is an international supermodel, registered dietician-nutritionist, and worldwide speaker. She has appeared in a number of major fashion magazines and in her first book she delves into what has made her such a success story in the modeling industry. Musk is many things including an international supermodela, a CoverGirl, a mother, but also a role model for many women around the globe. A Woman Makes a Plan reveals her secrets to success and practical advice on how the choices you make can pay off in surprising ways.

Broken down into five parts, Musk’s book examines the topics of Beauty, Adventure, Family, Success, and Health. In the first section she shares ideas connected to being interesting, having confidence, and having stylish friends to help you through. Adventures shares tips on saying yes and being ready to delve into whatever adventures may come your way. The sections on Family and Success discuss her personal life with her family and her path to success. Rounding the book out is her section on Health, which shares how to be happy and also enjoy food. Her conclusion examines how to make your plan for the future.

Musk shares her own personal experiences in a way that is easy to follow and feels very conversational. She also shares her expertise in connection to nutrition, which does not focus on dieting, but rather on how to have a positive relationship with food. In terms of beauty she showcases being yourself and allowing yourself to embrace your own physical appearance in whatever way you choose. This is a read that provides you some insight into the thoughts of someone who has achieved a lot in the course of her life in a variety of ways. You can get your copy of A Woman Makes a Plan today.

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