Techromancy Scrolls: New Cali Book Review from @kleffnotes

In the aftermath of the war against Avalon, the kingdom of Sparo has begun to rebuild and the Queen of the Scrolls, Emily, has decided that it is time for her to return home. During the war it was revealed that she is able to do magic. Her homeland lays far outside of her current home, where she had lived learning about the people of Sparo as the First Seeker of her Sect. Techromancy Scrolls: New Cali examines this story and also reveals a perilous journey of discovery for our beloved Laney.

Emily has decided that now it is time for the people of Sparo to meet her people as they have surpassed them in technology and skill. Though they may still be a violent people it seems possible that they could become allies. Laney of Wexbury is chosen to lead the journey to New Cali, but the Great Mother of the Mountain Gypsies will face a darkness inside herself that is fighting to get out as old and new enemies confront her. If she can survive this she may never be the same again.

The world building Erik Schubach presents in his books is always exceptional and in this series he has crafted a world that blends magic, technology, and fantasy in a beautifully crated way. I have always loved the relationship between Laney and Celeste and as this series has grown they have expanded their family and made a life for themselves that is full of love, even when they are facing danger. As they fight against evil forces that are destroying others, Laney shines as a hero who has truly come into her power. The darkness that she encounters is never truly able to squash her inner light, no matter how hard those who oppose her try. This is another great addition to the series and something that fantasy lovers will really enjoy. You can get your copy of Techromancy Scrolls: New Cali today.

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