Worldship Files: Firewyrm Book Review from @kleffnotes

Worldship Files: Firewyrm drops readers back into the world of life on the Leviathan, a massive worldship that was designed to save both human and preternatural kind. When these groups worked together they managed to create a ship after 1,000 years that would save them from the threat of a slowly expanding sun. Knith Shade must contend with further issues in her role as an enforcer that will bring drama into her already interesting life.

Fire in a ship like this is exceptionally dangerous and Knith is tasked with finding out just who was behind an attack with fire that threatened the Alpha-Stack. Queen Mab is the main suspect and as the investigation evolves Knith finds herself in contact with her ex, which isn’t ideal. She is in a maybe, maybe not relationship with Princess Aurora and this return of her ex has her possible new girlfriend on edge. As the investigation continues the myth of Firewyrms may prove to be something more than a myth.

What shines through for me in this series is the dialogue. I always enjoy Erik Schubach’s books, but the inclusion of the AI program Mother just tickles my fancy. The relationship that Knith has with this character is just a delight. On top of that Schubach is again able to blend magic and futurism in a way that works so well, even though you would think that it would be a disparate genre. Knith is also a fun character and her relationships make the story even more exceptional. The mystery will draw you along, but Knith will keep you reading. You can get your copy of The Worldship Files: Firewyrm today.

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