Snowball Book Review from @kleffnotes

When a blizzard hits during Christmas Eve a group of motorists find themselves stranded on an eerily lonely stretch of highway. As they huddle together in the RV of an older couple they all begin to share stories of their worst winters. As they each share they begin to realize that perhaps their is something connects them all. In the pages of Snowball readers will be immersed into a winter hellscape that they never could have expected.

The group attempts to seek help and find themselves in a house in the woods, for horror fans that phrase will immediately bring shivers to your spine, that is in no way safe. Inside lives a twisted toymaker with a mystical snow globe who has decided that this group must take part in his deadly games. With this seeming safe haven turning out to be a nightmare, the group will find themselves wondering if being stranded was no accident and if perhaps a snowball on a school playground more than twenty years ago somehow has a deeper meaning today.

Gregory Bastianelli’s work pulls together the fear of being helpless and also trapped in a world beyond your control. As his characters move through the story we learn that there are dark forces acting against them and that death is perhaps not the end. For fans of the Saw franchise or the Hellraiser books and movies, you will find yourself living a story that is frightening to image. The evil hear is seeking revenge, but these actions continue to ramp up as the story comes to a close. This is the perfect winter weather read for horror fans. You can get your copy of Snowball today.

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