The Garden of Bewitchment Book Review from @kleffnotes

For period piece fans everywhere, The Garden of Bewitchment is an eerie story that hearkens back to the era of Gothic novels. Taking the ideas of foggy rural environments and blending them with curious incidents this story will take you back in time and set you on edge as the heroines find themselves confronted by a horror they never expected. Take a step back to 1893 with Evelyn and Claire as they enter into a bewitching journey.

The previously mentioned sisters have left their Yorkshire home and chosen to live a new life in the rural Yorkshire. They will get to live on their beloved moors, which as many know are often the site of frightening happenings. When they come in contact with a mysterious new toy, the Garden of Bewitchment, visions and apparitions suddenly fill their lives. After befriending a mysterious stranger, Evelyn thinks that this person may have more than one secret to hide. The play world she and Claire have been entertaining starts to become more and more real and they find themselves threatened. Evelyn will slowly begin to wonder what or who is even real as time begins to run out.

In this story Catherine Cavendish does an exceptional way of blending together the history of well known English literature with her own characters. By making them lovers of the Bronte family, she establishes the idea that there may be something more mysterious going on. Claire’s obsession with Branwell creates a curious connection that also speaks to a possible sense of the unreal moving through her and Evelyn’s life. As the story evolves Matthew Dixon’s character, the mysterious stranger, adds to the intrigue and as the story evolves Evelyn’s life continues to become more and more frightening. If you are looking for a read that will remind you of Gothic stories past this is a perfect read for you. You can get your copy of The Garden of Bewitchment today.

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