The Wise Friend Book Review from @kleffnotes

There always seems to be that one aunt that you remember as being a bit odd or eccentric. Patrick Torrington’s aunt is that particular kind of aunt for him. As a successful artist her work began to shift toward the occult during his teen years and he found that she was collecting artifacts from magical sites. When she dies mysteriously these items disappear and things are quiet until Patrick finds her journal as an adult. The Wise Friend will take readers on a journey of discovery that delves into Patrick’s aunt and the mysterious forces she was involved with.

Patrick is interested in what his aunt was connected with, but the experiences he has at the mystical sites she once visited scare him away from further investigation. His son Roy though is less easily swayed. He continues to dig deeper into the mystery with the help of his new girlfriend, but his father is concerned. He wants to convince him that the suspicions he has are real, but it may be too late. As the story unfolds something may also be rising that they never anticipated.

The fatherly love and concern that Patrick has for Roy reads through this story beautifully. While his experiences may have been frightening he wants to protect his son from these dangerous forces that he feels are threatening him. While some horror stories create characters that behave erratically, but in this case Ramsey Campbell is focused on ensuring his character react the way he believes his readers would react in these same situations. As someone who was also intrigued by the occult as a teenager I felt a real connection to this story. I could see myself delving into this type of investigation and getting caught up in the unexpected fallout myself. You can pre-order your copy of The Wise Friend today.

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