Boy in the Box Book Review from @kleffnotes

Have you ever had to keep a secret? Jonathan has been living with a terrible one that is only shared by three other people in the entire world. Ten years ago an accident occurred that would change their lives forever and lead them on the path that they find themselves now. A trip back to the woods will bring about a supernatural fright that will pull these men back to a time that they had hoped to forget in Boy in the Box.

When they were younger, Jonathan and his friends went into the Adirondack Mountains and became part of a tragedy. A hunting accident would lead them to bury one of their group in a box deep in the mountains. Four of them returned home and after ten years of keeping this secret one of them has committed suicide. His death will push Jonathan, Michael, and Conner to go back to where they buried their friend and their secret, but something is waiting for them. A demon, who lives outside of time and place, has been waiting for them. The trap is set and a sacrifice has been demanded.

With their secret brought back to the forefront of their minds the three remaining men seem to be spiraling. They must go back to where this all began, but as they make their way strange things are already happening. The sickness of guilt and grief come together physically and emotionally for all of them, but perhaps what is stalking them also ties into that. The idea of a physical element attacking those who have committed a terrible wrong adds an eerie element to the story. You will find yourself on edge as they move through the woods and constantly wondering just what will happen next. You can find out more about Boy in the Box on the Flame Tree Publishing website.

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