Given Book Review from @kleffnotes

Wattpad Books brings Given to life in this inventive fantasy release. Nandi Taylor has created a story of discovery and romance with her main character, Yenni, finding herself in a new place and confronted by dragons. With no warning that she would be confronted by such beings, she is also confounded by feelings that begin to emerge between her and a mysterious man.

Yenni is a Yirba warrior princess who is alone in the Empire of Cresh. In a land full of strange magic and strange people who are not likely to trust new people, she must survive. Her father is slowly dying from a wasting illness and using her wits, strength, and sacred runelore, she must save him. What she never expected were dragons or the fact that one dragon might connect with her. Weysh is a violet-black dragon who also becomes a muscular man. He has claimed her as his given, but Yenni does not condone the idea of being his plaything. They must work together though for Weysh may be the only hope she has for finding the answers she is searching for.

This fantasy novel is an intriguing read with a curious romance at the center. Yenni is a great main character and her journey will completely captivate you. As she struggles to understand Weysh and the bond they are forming, she will also find herself learning and growing. Nandi Taylor has taken her love of the genre and escalated it, with powerful representation that will resonate with readers.  You can get your copy of Given today.

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