The Cocktail Companion Book Review from @kleffnotes

Cheryl Charming, creator of the Midas Cup and the bar director at Bourbon O, Ryan Reynolds’ home base for his new gin distillery, bring a compendium of bartender knowledge together in her book The Cocktail Companion. As someone who has actually tried the gin made at this distillery and enjoyed it, I was curious to see what this book would contain. This book is the perfect bar cart addition for those who entertain and there is a little bit of something for everyone.

Beginning with a history of cocktails, starting in 18th-century England and moving into the time of Prohibition in the United States. Moving beyond that history Charming delves into examinations of popular liquors like gin, vodka, and so many more. With these as highlights the book continues to examine the evolution of cocktails from the inclusion of ice in drinks to various cocktails around the world. There are also pop culture elements with drinks in film and literature.

There is so much in this book that while I recommended putting it in your bar cart, there are guidelines for drinks so this would help you use that element, but you may want it within easier reach. Whether you are a big drinker or not, this book is very informative and will give you a great deal of knowledge that you might even be able to use at bar trivia. You can get your copy of The Cocktail Companion today and imbibe in the knowledge inside.

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