Double Lives Book Review from @kleffnotes

Why is society so captivated by the most evil of people? Serial Killers intrigue and captivate people across generations, but the reason behind this is not just because they have committed such awful crimes. What truly drives people to understand these killers is their ability to fool us. A killer may lurk beside you and you might never know, which is the idea that lies behind the book Double Lives.

John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, and Jeffrey Dahmer are just a few of the well known serial killer names that even those who don’t consider themselves to be true crime lovers know. Their deeds are frightening, but they themselves hold no fear within the general public according to Eric Brach. They have become famous because of what they have done, but their crimes are not what is curious about them, but rather their ability to lurk undiscovered within society. Brach’s book chronicles the monsters who are able to walk unnoticed among us while doing criminal deeds. The people he covers have been able to live undiscovered for years while committing multiple crimes. It seems as though anyone could be a killer as you delve into his work.

The figures Brach discusses in this book may not leap out to readers immediately,  but that is the point of his non-fiction expose. He is focusing on those who were able to work within the shadows and remain undiscovered. There are a variety of genders, races, ages, and other identifiers that don’t seem to match with the young, white, male stereotype that is often presented in true crime studies. If you are looking to learn or diversify your knowledge of criminals and crime you definitely need to pick up this book. You can get your copy of Double Lives today.

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