One Minute Out Book Review from @kleffnotes

Mark Greaney’s Gray Man novels have garnered tremendous acclaim. Each book has drawn positive reviews as well as comparisons to beloved thriller series including those by Tom Clancy. This comes as no surprise as Greaney was actually the co-writer for the three final novels written by Clancy and also took over the series for four additional novels. In his Gray Man novels he has been able to take his skills in the genre of thriller writing and craft his own world and characters.

One Minute Out is the latest novel in the series and places Court Gentry, one of the CIA’s best covert assets, who found himself forced to go on the run and become the Gray Man after he was placed on the top of the agency’s kill list. In this story while on a mission in Croatia he uncovers a human trafficking operation that leads from the Balkans all the way to Hollywood. He is determined to shut it down, but his CIA handlers have other ideas. The leader of this terrible organization profiting from the sale of human beings has intelligence that relates to a potential terrorist attack in the US. The CIA refuses to take action until they have this intel, but Court finds himself grappling with a larger moral dilemma.

The first person storytelling in this novel is something that helped to draw me in from the beginning. Even the back of the book established the fact that Court will be narrating this story himself. As we follow him and his thoughts on the events unfolding you will get a better idea of how he is working through the larger issue that he is grappling with, how he should act when the CIA seems stalled. While I have not read the other books in this series I felt that this worked as a good introduction. Greaney does ensure that new readers will be able to understand the world and his main character. If you are a fan of thrillers you can’t go wrong with this book and for those interested in more you can delve into the rest of the series as well. You can get your copy of One Minute Out today. 

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