What We Will Become Book Review from @kleffnotes

This memoir is a story of transformation and the creation of a new life for not one, but two people. Written by Mimi Lemay this story not only chronicles her own journey to become a new person after leaving the life she was raised in behind, but also the journey of her son to be his true self. For those looking for a work that will bring a bit of light and joy to your life or who just want to understand more about the varied elements of the human journey What We Will Become is a story you will be fully engrossed by.

Ever since he was two and half years old, Jacob had been insisting that he was a boy. He though was born a Em and this insistence led his mother Mimi to try and understand her child. The idea of being transgender was not something she had been prepared for, but this path for her child reminded her of her own journey out of her past. Mimi had been raised in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish family and with her life as a woman being entirely preordained by ancient rules and ideas about her gender. As she tried to process her faith and the impact it was having on her life, she ultimately found herself leaving the community. This decision in her life, prepared her in a way for helping her son to navigate the path he would be forging when there was very little study done on how best to raise transgender children. These dual narratives work to create a beautiful portrait of this family.

This memoir is like nothing I have read before. The journey that is encompassed within these pages highlights not only the journey of the mother, but also the journey of her son and how they found their ability to come together and benefit from past choices. Mimi Lemay has done an exceptional job of adding a story to the field of memoirs that is less often discussed. What We Will Become is a book that would benefit not only families raising transgender children, but anyone who hopes to be more understanding and gain a better knowledge of how to help children who are trans. You can get your copy of What We Will Become today.

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