Confessions of a Sheba Queen Book Review from @kleffnotes

The story of Bilqis has appeared in a variety of mediums and many might remember her most recent appearance in the series American Gods. Autumn Bardot takes this figure and makes her the focus of her most recent work, Confessions of a Sheba Queen. This tale will take you back in time and drop you into the sensual world of Bilqis, whose sexual appetites are legend.

Bilqis is born in a frightening sandstorm along the riverbed in the ancient world of Saba. Her mother, a powerful jinni, has given birth to a half human daughter who will have powers all her own. While she may not be full jinni she does though feel an insatiable sexual hunger that grows as she makes her rites of womanhood. This desire may be what was prophesied at her birth, but it may also be her ultimate undoing. As she finds control over her powers she is able to bring nations to their knees through their utter devotion to her. A tragedy will push her to seek out a tyrannical king, but she will have to force herself to stay away from the pull of her natural carnal urges.

I had previously read Autumn Bardot’s Legends of Lust: Erotic Myths from Around the World and based on that read I knew I was in for something very steamy. Bardot definitely does not disappoint in her storytelling in regards to Bilqis’ erotic exploits. Conveniently the cover of this book is very covert for what you are reading and you could easily read it in public without worrying about people knowing you are reading something that might make the more delicate among us blush. This is the perfect sexy read for anyone who likes a bit of fantasy and honestly any erotica reader could find something to enjoy in this book. You can get your copy of Confessions of a Sheba Queen today.

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