Fabulous Female Firsts Book Review from @kleffnotes

Highlighting women who have made their way into the spotlight by pushing back against the misogynistic elements of society, Fabulous Female Firsts is a book that is perfect for those looking for inspiration. Whether you are female identifying or just looking for figures to help you build your aspirations for the future Marlene Wagman-Geller has a number of women for you to choose from. This is a book that is perfect for Women’s History Month.

This idea of this book is to showcase “difficult women” who have found a way to make the world a better place. By collecting the biographies of women who have claimed their space and forced the world to see them, she is giving readers the opportunity to learn more about women who have done a great deal through a variety of fields. This book is again chronological, which really does help to show changes in society and for women throughout the years. This book begins in 1865 and goes all the way into 2019. Each woman has significance for her time period, but the stories also highlight their diversity.

This book examines educators, politicians, actresses, and so many more. By showing the changes that have been made over time and also not forcing herself to tie into only one field, Wagman-Geller is allowing anyone to find someone they can connect with. There are also women I had never heard mentioned in this book, including Elsie de Wolfe. Beyond those I’d never heard of I also gained additional knowledge of women I had some knowledge of such as Bette Davis and Marie Curie. If you are looking to learn and see stories of strength then this book is a great collection for you. You can get your copy of Fabulous Female Firsts today.

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