A Spy With Scruples Book Review from @kleffnotes

Scott Stoddard and Countess de Rovere return in the follow-up to An Improbably Pairing, A Spy With Scruples. Gary Dickson’s character were loved by readers in the first novel and they return in this glamorous ’60s-era book set in Europe. When Scott receives a notice that he has been drafted he and his new wife, who happens to be three months pregnant, find themselves in Germany and pushed into a new and possibly dangerous situation.

After arriving in Germany, Scott begins scoring remarkably high on military tests, which attract the eye of the CIA. While he is not entirely on board with joining them he signs on and becomes part of their world of intrigue. He has no real desire to be a spy and would just like to return to the life that he and Desiree had envisioned having together. With his new line of work taking him across Europe Scott will find himself having to try and interact with a variety of people, some of whom may not like him. He though has a plan for getting back to the life he truly wants.

I’ve recently been watching The Americans, yes an FX show that has been off the air for a bit of time now, and this book was the perfect read for my current mood. While not set in the same time period the intrigue and mystery that expounds throughout the story is pitch perfect. As you follow Scott in his reluctant position with the CIA you see a man who just wants to live the life he had always hoped for. He never wanted to be put in this position, but he will make it work. As he pushes through dangers and unexpected moments readers will enjoy seeing him take on the world of spying. You can get your copy of A Spy With Scruples today.

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