The Broken Heavens Book Review from @kleffnotes

The Broken Heavens: Book III of the Worldbreaker Saga by Kameron Hurley is the thrilling conclusion to the epic fantasy trilogy. This is the world shattering book that will bring the series to an end in a visceral way. For those who have loved the previous two books this series will drop you immediately into the world you remember and the action will have you completely enthralled.

In this third book the Tai Mora, parallel universe invaders, have destroyed their counterparts and have taken control of Raisa. The Saiduan and Dhai are no longer able to help and the other countries are in chaos. As the Dhai try and determine what they should do under their leader Lilia, the Tai Mora are trying to determine how the ancient Dhai were able to harness power from the stars and cement their tyrannical rule for another two thousand years. As refugees try to survive and pass between worlds every day only one world will be able to survive. In this story who will be the final victor.

Hurley’s central element of the story is that the bad guys are not truly bad guys, but rather alternate versions of the heroes. This means that while it may not initially appear that way that they are actually fighting themselves. His training as a historian shows through in his ability to bring in elements of conflict and resistance movements that actually occurred. This book is a pulse pounding read that will have readers on the edge of their seats. You will left guessing until the very end as to just what will happen to these people and their worlds.  You can get your copy of The Broken Heavens today.

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