Dublin Zoo Book Review from @kleffnotes

Dublin Zoo is a story in three parts that is all compiled into one book. The thriller is comprised of three parts that while they all make up distinct stories are tied together into one narrative. What we see is how one person’s life can be broken down by the events that make up seminal moments. Harold Bradshaw acts as our connector between these stories and allows readers to go on a journey through time and major historical events all in one larger narrative.

The first part of this story focuses on Harold’s parents, Albert and Rita who met during World War I and ultimately brought Harold into the world. Their story ends with their unexpected deaths, which will be the catalyst for the second portion of the book. Harold seeks revenge for what was done to his parents and he is able to do this in a way that not many others can. He has the ability to remain completely calm and calculated when inflicting violence. Love does enter his life, but it is short lived and broken up by a criminal charge. The final portion of the story is set on the eve of World War II and shows Harold back in his mother’s home country of France where everything will come to a head.

John Michell has created a powerful story of one man’s journey through life and what led him to be where he is. As the events fall out we watch a man who was filled with rage at the death of his parents take that energy and move into a world where his skills are able to be used, but these events are not as they appear. You will feel as though you are there with Harold as he tells his story and works his way through everything that has happened to him. If you are a fan of historical thrillers this is a read for you. You can get your copy of Dublin Zoo today.

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