The Magnolia Sisters Book Review from @kleffnotes

If you loved Almost Family on ABC and were sad to see it go when it was cancelled way too soon, The Magnolia Sisters just might fill that void. Michelle Major’s new series focuses on three half sisters who never knew they were related, at least not until the reading of their father’s will. As each of these women has to come to terms with a new reality they also begin building their own found family. This feel good read is something that will feel like a comfortable blanket for those looking for some positive feelings in the current climate.

Avery’s father had always been distant, in fact the first time she ever heard from him was after his death. When she arrives in Magnolia, North Carolina her sole plan is to get her inheritance and then get the heck out. What happens next is entirely outside of her plan. She meets two half-sisters she had no idea existed and she is now the owner of a gallery that is on the financial brink. The single father she meets is not just easy on the eyes, but also helps her to see the beauty of this small close-knit community. The two might be perfect for each other and the longer Avery stays the more they begin to connect and grow with each other.

The Magnolia Sisters is a sweet read that is perfect for romance lovers of every genre. It is a slice of life read that is something Hallmark Movie fans will really be able to dig into. The romance is a slow burn and feels like an opposites attract type of read with the main character Avery being reluctant to truly open up. As you read the story will embrace you like a warm hug and keep you wanting to stay in pretty little Magnolia. You can order your copy of The Magnolia Sisters today. 

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