Sage Book Review from @kleffnotes

Wendy Anne was set on the path to become a writer at a young age. She grew up in an old Victorian mansion in Massachusetts and was exposed to a wide range of eclectic and cultural knowledge. Adopted by a philanthropist her home had always been full of women with great minds and as she grew she used writing to carve out her own space. Sage is the first book in her planned Ascension series.

The focus of this first book is Sage, a successful entrepreneur who is also a devoted mother and wife. While she is already busy with her daily life, Sage is unique. She has a connection to an ancient secret that is waiting to be discovered. There is another world available to her where she is imbued with spiritual, sensual, and esoteric behavior. As she begins to learn more about this other world and the powers she can wield within it she is drawn to someone from her past, an immortal lover who wishes to drain her of her energy.

Sage is told through the storytelling style of the inner monologue with readers following Sage’s journey through her daily life and the mystery new world she discovers. In this writing, Wendy Anne also makes sure to use differences in text style to help reveals which world we are going to be experiencing. The book draws together a variety of supernatural themes and elements that those who enjoy fantasy, that mixes with reality, will enjoy. Sage’s journey is also our journey and we are pulled with her as events around her begin to unfold and alter her life forever. You can find out more about Sage and the Ascension Series on the author’s website. 

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