Confessions About Colton Book Review from @kleffnotes

Olivia Harvard’s debut novel began on the popular site Wattpad and has been brought to print by their publishing arm. Confessions About Colton is a story full of suspense that delves into the hidden lives of teenagers. For those who love Thirteen Reasons Why, the book or the series, this is a read that will keep you reading from start to finish without ever wanting to put the book down.

Elliot never expected his best friend Colton to die and he definitely never expected to be the one to find the body. When his friend is brutally murdered, Elliot finds himself trying to understand what happened. With his heartbroken he thinks the funeral might help him to finally begin pulling himself back together, but it only brings more questions and confusion. He finds a note, apparently from the killer, tucked inside his pocket and this is where the story turns. Elliot is offered a chance to learn what happened by agreeing to follow a series of clues left by the person who killed his friend and he finds himself with no other choice. No matter what may happen, Elliot vows he must see this twisted game through until the very end.

This story takes the genre of dark and frightening young adult reads to a new level. As someone who loves a good mystery and also loves dark and spooky reads focuses on teenagers, think Riverdale or The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, this book is something that is surprising and captivating. If you often find yourself wanting to delve into a story with teens in peril, yes I really do insist this is a subgenre of teen thriller, then Olivia Harvard is absolutely someone whose work will speak to you. There is just so much here to keep you guessing and as you read you will feel like part of Elliot’s journey. You can order your copy of Confessions About Colton today.

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