The Opposite of Falling Apart Book Review from @kleffnotes

The Opposite of Falling Apart is another read that started life on Wattpad and now exists as a physical book as part of their printing division. This story focuses on two teenagers who have found themselves in imperfect points in their lives, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t have some perfect moments. Micah Good has crafted a story of summer that will speak to your heart in an authenticate and moving way with his debut novel.

It’s the summer before college and Jonas Avery thought he would be excited about this new venture in his life. The problem is he just can’t bring himself to feel happy, instead he just wants to hide out in his room ever since The Accident. At that moment everything just seemed to start falling apart and he isn’t sure how to pull it all together. Brennan Davis wants to fight back against the debilitating anxiety she feels so she can be a larger participant in the world around her. With college starting in the fall she knows there will be more to handle and she wants to be able to cope with these new stresses. When these two get into a harmless fender bender the two begin to build a connection that will help them to work through their feelings while realizing that love may help them to begin to heal.

The Opposite of Falling Apart is a story that focuses on transitions and finding a way to move through parts of your life that you are hoping to change. With the summer before college as the turning point for both of these characters we get to see Brennan and Jonas both making a large leap forward as they also contend with things that have been stopping them from living the life they want to live. Together they have found someone that can support them and help them to see a new life after points of darkness. If you are looking for a heartwarming and rich read about growing up and becoming the person you always hoped you could be this is a book for you. You can get your copy of The Opposite of Falling Apart today.

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