The City Among the Stars Book Review from @kleffnotes

The City Among the Stars will be appearing for the first time in English this May. This Golden Age Science Fiction classic tells a story that sci-fi fans will feel comfortable comparing to the likes of Arthur C. Clark, Asimov, and Heinlein. Set outside of our earthly world and established within a far away city that no human has ever heard of. This story will transport you and will fill sci-fi lovers with nostalgia.

Lieutenant Tankar Holroy is part of the Stellar Guard of earth’s Empire. When he finds himself stranded in space above the planet he is saved by a mysterious ship that he learns is full of People of the Stars. This population was born and lives in space with very little contact with anyone or anything that are tied to the world we know. He does not receive a warm welcome and the only person who reaches out to him is a woman named Orena. As he tried to understand how he came to be here he realizes that his knowledge of Empire technology is what drew the People of the Stars to him. If he refuses to give them what he wants he could bring about catastrophe.

Written by Francis Carsac, a pseudonym for French scientist, geologist, and archaeologist Francois Borde this story transcends his time period and feels relatable to people across time and continents. What he examines are the changing nature of people and societies. I found this book to be a curious read and felt it was powerful in examining the power one person can have in the survival of others. If  you are looking for something that feels relevant, but also nostalgic this is a book for you. You can pre-order your copy of The City Among the Stars today.

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