Until Summer Comes Around Book Review from @kleffnotes

Set in the summer of 1986, Until Summer Comes Around is a frightening tale of when summer romance takes a dark turn. Glenn Rolfe crafts a story that takes the traditional summer fling and adds in the undead and a terrible secret, pulling the story away from the typical romance genre. If you are looking for something original and frightening this is a book that you should check out.

Rocky Zukas is fifteen years old and spending his summer at home in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Everything seems perfect with the sun, the tourists, and the pier all there, but something is out for blood. When he crosses paths with a mysterious girl named November he finds himself falling head over heels. The issue is that not everyone in her family is accepting of her new boyfriend, in particular her older brother Gabriel. Not only does her brother keep the family secrets, but he also wants to make sure his sister still remembers who is in charge. With his eyes set on Rocky’s family this romance will be plunged into horrors that never would have been expected for a summer of love.

This novel is something that lovers of The Lost Boys and other vampire stories with that punk rock edge will love. As a fan of that movie, I’ve even watched all of the sequels and was very invested in a comic book run that took place not that long ago, I loved this. November is the type of character that has that punk rock edge, but also still has such a light and open personality and her relationship with Rocky is sweet. If you are looking for a read that feels like it was pulled straight from the 1980s horror genre this is something you will devour. You can pre-order your copy of Until Summer Comes Around today.

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