The Bi Line: Gay Star Wars! from @kleffnotes

I may not be the biggest Star Wars fan, but my wife Krista definitely has a minor obsession. She loved Star Wars far before I met her and her love of the Millennium Falcon is unrivaled, I even think she might love it more than Han Solo himself. We had planned to do a big to do for May the Fourth, but with the weirdness of the world right now and some personal issues, primarily concerning my health, that didn’t really happen. I though had jokingly mentioned doing an article where we tried to make the Star Wars universe a little bit more gay, or queer, depending on how you use those two terms. What resulted was a list of some characters we thought worked perfectly. Read on for our own little thought project on Star Wars and how there might just be a little more queer rep than meets the eye.

Finn and Poe- Okay, this one already has an online following and is pretty solidly something people wanted to see in the newer movies. We immediately put it on the list because c’mon this relationship development just makes sense. The two trust each other, they care about each other, and the whole final film had Finn keeping a secret that totally could have been his secret love reveal of Poe. Since this one is basically a freebie for the list I just wanted to put it first to ensure it would be included.

Lando Calrissian- now this one is tied more specifically to interviews that were done during Solo, which I had hoped would get more movies. I know it didn’t do as well as expected, but I still thought it was a cool watch. Lando plays a relatively big part in the movie and during interviews it was revealed that the character might identify as pansexual. I jumped on this idea, especially because I felt like there was a vibe between L3-37 and Lando. While this isn’t official I would like to think the flirty and caped man would be traveling the galaxy finding love wherever he landed.

Luke Skywalker- this one is an all me thought and Krista actually told me if you read a certain book series focused on Luke that it doesn’t really hold up, but I am solely using movie Luke for this. Based on his decision to dedicate himself to the force we never see Luke in a relationship, we are totally not counting any Leia related situations. When he goes into complete isolation this life does not seem to bother him and I almost wonder if he could be considered asexual or perhaps aromantic. We don’t know if he has ever wanted to be in a relationship of any kind or not, but I think he monk-like lifestyle could lead to the argument that he is not interested in pursuing any form of relationship during his arc in the movies.

Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus- this pair comes from Rogue One, which I really enjoyed. I mean who couldn’t love Hannibal in the role of a devoted father. Anyway, these two characters are shown early on working together. Chirrut is blind and Baze acts as his protector and confidant. While being friends doesn’t automatically mean they have to be gay, I would like to think that the person protecting me as I traveled the galaxy would be someone that I loved.

C-3PO- okay so he might be a droid, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this particular character has always been queer coded. While I know not everyone is a fan of this particular droid, I always sort of enjoyed him. I definitely think he was written to be a bit more effeminate than some of his droid counterparts, which I think always endeared him to me.

This is just sort of a fun little fluff list that I hoped you all enjoyed. If you have your own Star Wars thoughts or ships you think should be here feel free to share them in the comments or on Twitter.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on Twitter, @thenerdygirlexp. You can find me on Twitter, @kleffnotes, on my blog,, and on my kleffnotes YouTube channel.

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