Fire and Vengeance Book Review from @kleffnotes

The second book in the Koa Kane Hawaiian Mystery series will be out in July and I have a special early review for you. What I love about this series is the darkness that lurks in the beauty of Hawaii, which is a great dissonance. In this second book our lead character faces a mystery that involves a place that should be safe, a local school.

After having killed his father’s nemesis and gotten away with it, Chief Detective Koa Kane is not the sort of person who you would image being a cop. He is estranged from his younger brother, who has been convicted of multiple crimes, but this pushes him on. When he learns that an elementary school was placed on top of a volcanic vent, that has just now exploded, and the murders of the contractor and architect prompt him to work quickly. With his brother’s health suddenly becomes an issue he begins trying to find a way to help him while also still trying to find justice for his victims who are tied into a years old conspiracy.

This story is both mysterious, but also emotional in that there is a familial element that ties into the events that are unfolding. Koa Kane has not needed to help his brother and has not interacted with him in some time, but when there is a risk to his health he pushes himself to try and help him. This mixed with the dark mystery involving a school and two deaths ties everything together into a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. McCane has done a great job of crafting a story that will keep you guessing and wondering what will happen until the very end. You can find out more about Robert McCaw’s books on his website.

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