Songs of Thalassa Book Review from @kleffnotes

Set in the future where competitive sports are hosted outside of Earth and on distant planets, Songs of Thalassa is story of overcoming your past. Written by marine biologist and surfer Brian N. Tissot the story draws from a rich collection of resources, all of which are included in a glossary for readers, that bring this futuristic story to life. If you loved books like The Island of the Blue Dolphins or Contact, this is something you will really enjoy.

Sage Thompson is a crossroads, this professional Hawaiian surfer has travel to the ocean planet of Thalassa to reclaim her fame. She must defeat her nemesis Milo, who will do anything to beat her by riding the largest wave in the galaxy. They are fighting for billions of online followers who get to share the experience of riding these waves through immersive holoscreen technology. After a near death surfing experience and the fall of her career, combined with her feelings of loss in connection to her father who died on a mission to Thalassa. She has tried to use surfing to bring her family together, but when she arrives on this planet everything will change.

Tissot’s research has helped to create a powerful story about survival and growth in a new environment. With Thalassa as a backdrop we watch as Sage is able to face her destiny and become connected to this new and vibrant planet. The beauty she experiences is beautifully described and will help readers to feel connected to Thalassa. If you are looking for a bit of an escape this story will transport you through space and time and give you a new world to be a part of that is full of life and lush landscapes. You can get your copy of Songs of Thalassa today.

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