Winter of the Wolf Book Review from @kleffnotes

Winter of the Wolf is Martha Hunt Handler’s debut novel that draws from her early love of wolves, while also examining the difficult topics of loss and grief. The main focus of the story is young Bean, who is an empathic and spiritually enlightened fifteen-year-old. When her brother Sam dies she feels pulled to uncover the mystery behind what happened.

Bean believes that something must have caused her brother’s death even though it does seem like all signs point to suicide. With the help of her friend Julie, Bean retraces her brother’s steps and begins digging deeper into his Inuit beliefs, which reconnects both of them with their own beliefs. Blending the concept of sleuthing and spirituality into a story that will fully immerse you in Bean’s quest for knowledge.

With the focus of this story being on family and spirituality Handler has created  something that will resonate deeply with readers. What she is trying to show is how we can use our beliefs to work through major moments of trauma while also trying to show how grief can find an outlet through a journey. Bean is able to work through her own thoughts and emotions in connection to her brother’s death by looking at his life and trying to gain a better understanding of who he was. She is a strong main character who readers will feel a strong bond with. If you have experienced loss this book could help you to find a way to work through those emotions while feeling supported by the characters you are taking this journey with.  You can pre-order your copy of Winter of the Wolf today. 

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