Roommaid Book Review from @kleffnotes

Sariah Wilson brings readers a new story of happily ever afters and sweet romance in her upcoming book Roommaid. The bestselling romance author has already had a number of well loved series End of the Line, Ugly Stepsisters, and Royals of Monterra, and this story brings you a lighthearted romance that is perfect for a year that has been a bit difficult for most people. Coming out in October of this year, romance fans will want to check out Roommaid when it drops.

Madison Huntington comes from a wealthy and influential family, but her desire to pursue her own dreams leads her to live a kind of life she has never experienced before. With a teacher’s salary she is struggling to find a place to life that isn’t either moldy, filled with cockroaches, or have crime scene tape decorating it. When she learns that someone is hiring a roommaid, basically a live in maid who is paid with room and board, she jumps on the chance. Now she just has to keep her new roommate’s penthouse clean and be company for his dog. Madison may have never washed a dish or had to clean before, but she will just fake it until she makes it. Tyler is a finance whiz who makes her want to know him more, but could something go wrong with this arrangement?

This romantic comedy read is a sweet story that is perfect for someone who wants to see an adorable romance slowly come to fruition. Madison is learning to be independent for the first time and while this is a huge adjustment for her, she is finding herself more and more comfortable with Tyler. With the ability to control her own life she can make decisions that she normally wouldn’t make and by allowing herself this time to grow she is finally open to someone she might not have normally wanted to grow closer to. Roommaid is a sweet read that you will be able to leisurely enjoy. You can pre-order your copy of Roommaid today.

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