Delphi Federation Book Review from @kleffnotes

Delphi Federation is the most recent book in the Delphi in Space series by Bob Blanton. This series follows Marc and Blake McCormack, two brothers who have unleashed a new technology that is meat to improve the dying environment around them. While doing this work, Marc’s daughter Catie joins them and as they put the new technology in place they also find themselves fighting off alien rebels from Paraxea who want the tech for themselves. This starts a galactic war that spans the series.

In this latest book, the brothers and Catie have defeated the rebels, but now must determine what to do from here. They are responsible for over 1.5 million alien lives and they must find ways to advance and create new technology to help these beings live best in their new home. They are also trying to move their technology throughout the globe. While they would hope this plan would move smoothly, a clinic in Guatemala is taken over by a cartel boss. They will have to see what they can do in order to continue their mission and also try to help the new alien inhabitants that have come to the planet.

Blanton focuses his work on the idea of moving to space and how there could be benefits to be made in this choice. While setting the story in an epic adventure that focuses on family we are able to see the opportunity out there as something to yearn for. As he examines how society could change with space exploration and habitation, he also examines communities who are struggling in our modern world. He wants to show how our society can change now and how this could benefit out world going forward. You can get your copy of Delphi Federation today.

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