The Worldship Files: Cityships Book Review from @kleffnotes

The Worldship Files series by Erik Schubach is his more science fiction take on the world of the supernatural. I have previously reviewed the other two books in the series, but for those who have not seen those, the focus is on a collection of beings who live on the Worldship Leviathan. When the Earth was facing imminent doom as the sun expanded humans and creatures of myth like fairies and vampires all came together to find a way to survive. This meant leaving Earth and once they left they created a new society. In this world there are Enforcers and one of these is Knith Shade, who often finds herself drawn into dangerous and mysterious events.

While space travel is tremendously difficult two Cityships have emerged on a crash course for the Leviathan. What is strange is these ships come from Earth, which was left behind five thousand years ago. The ships are in dire condition and a mission is sent to evaluate not only the ships, but those who could be inside. Knith is sent out on this humanitarian mission as the leader, but what will happen by the end of this story will have Knith caught in a fight for the very survival of the Leviathan and everyone on board.

The Worldship Files: Cityships is, as books by Erik Schubach always are, a delightful read. I love his writing style and the voice he gives to his main character always brings an air of levity to the story, even in some of the most dire moments. In this particular book, Schubach has dropped his heroine into danger and we are able to watch her in a very powerful leadership role. I also particularly love this story because of Mother, the ship’s AI that has a particular connection to Knith and cares for her in a way that AI typically does not in sci-fi. This story is definitely action packed and Knith handles everything that happens with confidence and powerful dedication. If you are look for a unique read this is something you should check out. You can get your copy of The Worldship Files: Cityships today.

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