The Bi Line: Everything is Queer in Quarantine from @kleffnotes

At this point in quarantine everything I watch just ultimately becomes queer. Oh I know technically many of the shows I have watched are not actually queer, but I am making them what I want. This also might be because I may be indulging periodically in adult beverages and according to my wife when I drunk I just start insisting that any pairing that might be queer is queer. I may have yelled “just kiss already” at a number of people while we have been periodically delving deeply into Netflix.

Now the first of these shows does actually have queer characters in it now. Dead to Me Season Two dropped and we had to do a full rewatch of the first season before we could watch the second. The internet has ever since the first season been very dedicated to the relationship between Jen and Judy, I mean seriously they would be great wives and mothers to those two boys, but in this season an actual queer character appeared. Natalie Morales, a bi-con!!!, appeared like an angel from heaven. She was in one of of my to this day favorite shows, The Middleman, and then had a new show that was cancelled way too soon on NBC, Abby’s. Morales has been in way more than that, but those two things are what I specifically adore. In Dead to Me she appears as a love interest for Judy who is honestly gone to soon. Her appearance also reveals another character is queer. No one specifically uses terms for their identity, I feel like Judy might use the term queer, but that’s my own personal opinion. Beyond the actual canon relationships that appeared this season, Jen and Judy continue to be a couple that I want to happen. C’mon they are totally raising those kids together and Judy has always wanted a family. I really want to see more of Natalie Morales character, who yes I just kept calling Natalie Morales the entire time we watched the show, but I would also be on board for Jen and Judy actually getting together.

The other show we’ve been watching is definitely not canonically queer and only has like a tiny handful of gay men in it at all, Gossip Girl. I feel like everyone might be watching this in quarantine suddenly, but Krista and I had never watched it. She started it on a whim and we sort of just started putting it on as a show to relax with. The first thing I pointed out when we were chatting about the show is it oddly fits a very lesbian/queer women trope. Everyone on this show dates everyone else. I mean the whole group is just a mess of exes hanging out and talking about they used to be dating. On top of that these folks move super fast. Like we are talking immediate U-hauling. This is very true of Dan, who has two different people move in with him one right after the other in one season. There are also technically some very minor gay male characters, but I keep being baffled by the fact that there are no gay women. I will point out that we were both very excited when our favorite character Chuck Bass was kissed by a man and revealed that this was not the first man he had kissed. I like to think Chuck is a very fluid person in terms of sexuality. Though there are so few gay characters the elements of queer tropes still sort of creep in based on the dynamic of the characters.

I do plan on delving into some actual queer content, but there has just been a lot going on so I’ve been struggling to actually have the time to sit down and do my due diligence. I promise that in the coming months I will do some more features. In the mean time there are two sites that are doing a much better job of compiling queer content. The first is Queer Media Matters, whose Editor in Chief is the well known moderator and fairy gaymother Dana Piccoli. The second is QLikeU which is a hub for a lot of diverse queer knowledge. If you have other sites you want to share feel free to leave them in the comments.

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