The Bridge: Krynn Book Review from @kleffnotes

The Bridge: Krynn is the final story in The Bridge series by Erik Schubach. I have loved this series and also enjoyed the fact that it is set in my home state of Ohio. I would like to think there are some supernatural things happening in the heart of the Midwest. While I am sad to see this series go, this book is the perfect send off for Evangeline and her world.

After rescuing Felicia from the Under-Veil there has been unexpected fallout on both sides of Evie’s gateway. With a mysterious puppet master manipulating events, things are coming to a head and all out war is imminent. Dragons are on the move and the Crimson Court has declared war on the Willow Court and all of humankind. With the state of the faerie world changing, Evie’s made family will have to try and survive everything that is coming at them and she will have to become the hero she never planned to be.

Evie and the women in her life are just so well written. After taking on the position of troll, Evie was finally able to understand the shadows she had been seeing. In this book, while war is rising, she has a family that she loves. Sharee might be her love, but she has brought together so many people in this book that the two have their own larger family. As the story progresses you can’t be sure who to trust and Evie will find herself struggling to save Shar when a decision is made that will change everything. Though this might have been the last in the series I loved this story and think that anyone who loves urban fantasy should read this series as soon as possible.  You can get your copy of The Bridge: Krynn today.

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