No One Will Hear Your Screams Book Review from @kleffnotes

Homicide Commander Lieutenant John Driscoll thinks that there may be a sociopathic killer on the loose targeting women in New York City. Someone named Tilden seems to be trying to tell the police he is behind these crimes, but what exactly pushed him over the edge. Driscoll must try and find out why these women are dying and how to put a stop to this in No One Will Hear Your Screams.

The mysterious Tilden insists that he was sexually abused by one of his mother’s john’s as a child and somehow he has been pushed to begin killing women in the Big Apple who are also sex workers. Driscoll is struggling to determine what that tipping point was and find a plan to end this. The victims it appears have all been embalmed, but not after death, instead the embalming is their cause of death. Driscoll has his own childhood traumas that he is working through and must stop himself from feeling sympathy toward Tilden. With the help of Sergeant Margaret Aligante and Detectic Cedric Thomlinson he will have to try and bring this killer to justice.

This is a well crafted murder mystery that will be a perfect read for those who are interested in the topic of serial killers. The villain in this piece has traumas that allow the reader to understand in some ways why he might choose such an evil path, which is beneficial for the story. Though he may be committing heinous acts the story surrounding them does examine trauma and childhood scars. Thomas O’Callaghan has crafted a story that will both frighten and captivate you until the very end. You can find out more about No One Will Hear Your Screams on the publisher’s website.

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