The Tiger at Midnight Book Review from @kleffnotes

The idea of star crossed lovers takes a bit of a deadly turn in The Tiger at Midnight. Esha is known as the Viper and is a highly skilled assassin who is actively working for the rebellion. When she sets out on her mission to avenge what she lost in the royal coup with her latest mission, her most important, to take down General Hotha, something will happen that changes her path and that is Kunal.

Kunal has been a soldier since childhood and his uncle, the general Esha has been tasked with taking down, has led his life. He has always ensured that his nephew would never stray from the path he wanted. When his path crosses with Esha a surprising chain of events begins to unfold. While these characters might think they are in control there are other pieces being moved that they are unaware of. As order breaks down in their land the two must determine where their true loyalties lie. Will they choose love or will they remain tied to the lives they’ve always known?

Drawing from ancient Indian history and Hindu mythology Swati Teerdhala creates a romance that is able to blend ideas together in a way that is beautiful story. Kunal and Esha must make choices that they never expected and together they are finally able to see something beyond the life they have lived for so long. This is an action packed story that will pull readers into a new world that will fully transport you into the building love between these two characters.You can get your copy of The Tiger at Midnight today.

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