The Archer at Dawn Book Review from @kleffnotes

The Archer at Dawn is the sequel to The Tiger at Midnight and is set right after the events of that first book. Esha and Kunal have chosen to be together and are both now working with the rebellion to try and fight back against the regime of King Vardaan. They have a mission they must achieve together and in this moment they will be taking part in a sort of heist that could change their land forever.

The Sun Mela is a celebration that will be the cover for Kunal and Esha to try and find the nation’s lost treasure Princess Reha. The two must infiltrate the court with Kunal returning to his previous role as soldier and Esha acting as an advisor to Prince Harun. Together they will try to find more allies and set the radical plan of returning Princess Reha to the throne in motion. With the backdrop of the games and festivities of the Sun Mela danger lurks and it will lead Esha and Kunal to question their loyalties, even to each other. This second book in the trilogy will light a match and take the story in an explosive direction.

This second story in the series is the perfect climax for our main characters. Kunal and Esha find themselves at a crossroads in this story as they must examine everything again and also try and find a way to heal their land. They are trying to ensure that the civilians will be able to survive as the infighting within their country has actively changed it and led to famines and drought. If you found the first story to be captivating and engaging, this second installment in the trilogy will have you on the edge of your seat and rapidly flipping pages to see what happens next. You can get your copy of The Archer at Dawn today.

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