Final Flight Book Review from @kleffnotes

Set in 2023 this new story by Eric C. Anderson, author of the New Caliphate Trilogy and Byte, is a thrilling journey full of surprises. When Former Air Force maintenance officer Jason Montgomery and Rob “Ski” Kalawski land a massive contract to upgrade China Air’s aging Boeing 777s it seems like they’ve made it to easy street. The only problem is that there is another company that has their own plans and now these two are stuck in the middle of a much larger problem.

Final Flight showcases what happens when two corporations actively work against each other with deadly results. The Japanese firm that is providing the gear for these navigation and software updates believes that the Chinese will reverse-engineer and steal their work. In order to protect their property the Japanese firm chooses to plant a bug that will be triggered at any sign of theft. Jason is caught up in all of this and finds himself contending with yakuza gangsters, a tattooed sales exec, and even the Russian mob. With everything going on, if some sort of agreement isn’t made there could be a number of deaths on their hands.

This is the sort of read that you definitely don’t read on a plane or if you are at all leery about air travel. With so many parties involved the lives that are on the line will have you tremendously worried. Drawn into this unknowingly Jason will find himself a part of something he had never expected, especially when this deal seemed so perfect for him and Ski. If this story doesn’t have you on edge then you are definitely a far braver person than I am. You can pre-order your copy of Final Flight today.

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