Monstre Volume One Book Review from @kleffnotes

Monstre Volume One is Duncan Swan’s debut novel and part of a planned two part work. While it won’t be available until September, perfect for getting you into the spooky mood for Halloween, this early review will have you eagerly waiting for the fall. While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, this cover is the perfect way to go into the story. The frightening image won’t even fully prepare for the fears in store.

Dr. Reese Richards, I am weirdly obsessed with this name and I kind of want him to become a very stretchy mutant, is someone who is exceptionally good with numbers, but not so great with things like remembering to exercise. On Day 0 this choice comes to be something he regrets. When something appears that he realizes could kill him he has to push himself to survive. Set initially at CERN, when an experiment goes wrong, in possibly the worst way, he has to try and come to terms with everything. The Cloud appears and Europe is enveloped and it continues to expand and cover more and more of the world, pulling more people into the mission to survive and fight back against what is hiding in the dark.

I really enjoyed the movie and book Annihilation and while this book is not the same, it does include some of the best similarities. The idea of a cloud filled with monsters that you must try and survive creates a roving apocalypse type story. I found myself completely drawn into the journey these characters were going on and I am eagerly awaiting not only the release of the book so I can see other readers reactions, but also for the second volume to come out. If you are looking for a creepy read that is unexpected you should definitely check this one out. You can find out more about Monstre on the author’s website. 

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