The Savior of 6th Street Book Review from @kleffnotes

Orlando Ortega-Medina’s newest book will be releasing on October 22nd and I had a chance to review it in advance. His works often blend the real and the mystical in a way that lends to very original stories. In this latest book he takes us to Los Angeles and drops us into a neighborhood with someone who wants to save it.

The Savior of 6th Street follows main character, Virgilio, who believes it is his mission to save people in his neighborhood who are in less than ideal situations. After being abandoned by his father at the age of 4, Virgilio was raised by his voodoo queen mother on the fringes of Skid Row. He became a street artist, but when he meets Beatrice Shein, an art collector, he feels pulled to leave his friends and become part of the this high society world. This is all called into question when he learns her father has been financing the organized criminal element in his neighborhood and has plans to tear it all down.

As you read this story you will find the setting to be richly presented and will be able to easily connect with the lead and those he cares about Ortega-Medina does a great job of creating a story that readers can feel drawn into. Virgilio is someone you can root for and you will want him to succeed in protecting those he cares for from the forces acting against them. The care taken with this story shines through and if you are looking for a something different to read this is a book you should check out. You can find out more about The Savior of 6th Street on the Cloud Lodge Books website.

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