Echoes of Darkness Book Review from @kleffnotes

Echoes of Darkness is the second book in The Echoes Trilogy by Cheryl Campbell. This book is set immediately after the events of the first book, but can be read as a standalone novel. As someone who sometimes does not have time to re-read a previous book before reading a sequel this is always a highlight for me.

After learning of her nearly immortal alien background and revealing herself in order to save a young boy, Dani has found herself more connected with the military and organized forces in the battle against the Wardens. In this second book she has been able to establish a family that is unlike her life before this. This newfound connection makes her feel stronger, but also causes her to fear that she will lose them. As the Wardens continue to attack Dani’s relationship becomes strained with military leadership and Colonel Houston. As an Echo Dani is fighting alongside humans and other aliens, but Rowan’s choices to eliminate all humans from the Earth and gain power within the Warden ranks has led him to also focus on getting Dani. When he commits treason just because of his quest for her she finds herself replacing a well executed plan with one focused on rescue and revenge.

This story focuses on a female heroine who is not perfect by any means. Dani is someone who makes decisions that are motivated by her new connection to others, but while she is tough she is often not prepared to be soft. She feels pushed to do whatever she can though she is also sometimes a little messy. What I also enjoy about her is the fact that she does pursue relationships with both men and women. As she fights back against Rowan she is using her fear of lose and her found family connection to motivate herself and that is something readers can root for. With the setting of the book utilizing real places it makes the story even more relatable because it draws from the world we know and makes it futuristic and mysterious. You can pre-order your copy of Echoes of Darkness today.

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