Submission Possible Releases on Revry from @kleffnotes

On June 19th Submission Possible will be premiering on Revry, the LGBTQ+ virtual cable TV network. This Docuseries is their latest original series and is a journey that you can enjoy with the “Queen of Kink” Madison Young. If you are looking to be both entertained and informed then get ready to tune in tomorrow.

Young wrote, directed, and created this series and is someone who is a feminist porn icon, author, and sexual revolutionary. In Submission Possible she delves into things that fall all across the realm of kink culture in communities around the world. Through the lens of the queer experience she takes viewers to New Orleans in the premiere episode where there are sex magic rituals, sexy seances, and more. We meet an ecosexual sex magician, a kinky witch and tarot reader, and a queer leather title holder. With each of these guests Yong is able to unfold part of her identity and connect with them in intimate ways.

This show is something that Young is daring you to watch. Her goal with Submission Possible is to shift the narrative and bring together a variety of people: women, BIPOC, queers, trans folk, the non-binary community, sex workers, kinksters to create a kitchen table like experience for discussing and sharing our stories and who we are as sexual beings. This showcases the groundbreaking work that Young has done in terms of discussing many of the things that are taboo in the realm of being sexual beings.

Submission Possible is a remarkably engaging watch that is educational and engaging. I honestly wish the premiere episode had been even longer because I found it so interesting. The diverse desires of others shows how truly diverse the realm of sexuality is. While some of these practices may not be your cup of tea, this is still a story that will expand your mind and becoming more informed and open about the world is always a good thing. You can watch Submission Possible on Revry starting tomorrow, June 19th.

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