Chicken Bone Beach Book Review from @kleffnotes

Chicken Bone Beach is the culmination of author Cheryl Woodruff-Brooks thesis research that was completed during her time at Pennsylvania State University. This pictorial history showcases the history of Atlantic City’s racially segregated beach, Missouri Avenue Beach. From the 1920s and into the 1960s the beach was tremendously popular and through her research Woodruff-Brooks was able to bring together images and interviews to truly showcase the beauty of the beach.

Missouri Avenue Beach, which gained the nickname Chicken Bone Beach, is part of the deep rooted history of African-Americans in the resort town of Atlantic City. They had helped to build and maintain the city through both physical labor and later positions in the service based industries in the city. The Northside and the beach became a tourist attraction that was promoted to other Black people and the area itself had a number of events and reasons to come to the beach. The seashore became a place for coming together and sharing in the enjoyment of the area.

Through her images, Woodruff-Brooks establishes the tremendous allure of the beach. We are shown groups of people enjoying themselves not only on the beach, but in the Northside as a whole. This is a book of delight and also education about the history of the Atlantic City area that drew in so many people over the years. You hear stories of the fun people had, so much so that some people even chose to move there after visiting. This is a fun read with perfect companion images. You can get your copy of Chicken Bone Beach today.

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